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After a minor influx of questions, I decided to re-post in order to fend off future askers. :) This version is simple-- all it lists is whether or not I believe my grasp of the fandom is good enough for me to feel that I can freely offer recs and also whether or not I'm actively looking for new recs for a fandom.

 (Recs/Accept Recs)
CLICK FOR "ONE"S (Biases or What I Will Rec Most Frequently At [ profile] cubedrecs )
CLICK FOR DETAILED PART 1 (1st half of Anime/Manga)
 (2nd half of Anime/Manga)
CLICK FOR DETAILED PART 3 (Books, TV Shows/Dramas/Bands)
CLICK FOR DETAILED PART 4 (Video Games) (Video Games)



Air Gear [ACCEPT RECS AgitoAkitoIkki]

Axis Powers Hetalia [ACCEPT RECS China all]

Bleach [RECS IchigoIshida]

CLAMP (CCSakura, TsubasaRC, xxxH) [ACCEPT RECS SyaoranSakura KuroganeFai DoumekiWatanuki]

Code Geass [ACCEPT RECS LelouchSuzaku]

Count Cain [ACCEPT RECS Cai Riff all]

D. Gray Man [RECS KandaLavi]

DNAngel [ACCEPT RECS SatoshiDaisuke DarkKrad]

Eyeshield 21 [ACCEPT RECS ShinSena HirumaSena RikuSena]

Fruits Basket [ACCEPT RECS KyoYuki HatsuharuRin ShigureHatoriAyame]

FullMetal Alchemist [RECS RoyEd]

Gakuen Alice [ACCEPT RECS NatsumeMikan Hotaru]

Gakuen Heaven [ACCEPT RECS all]

Gundam Wing [RECS HeeroDuoWufei TrowaQuatre]

Hikaru no Go [ACCEPT RECS HikaruAkira]

Hunter x Hunter [ACCEPT RECS KilluaGon Kurapika]

Karneval [ACCEPT RECS GarekiNai]

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [RECS YamamatoGokudera] [ACCEPT RECS DinoHibari MukuroHibari]

Kuroshitsuji [ACCEPT RECS Sebastian all]

Loveless [ACCEPT RECS all]

Naruto [RECS SasukeNarutoSakura KakashiIruka Gaara Neji]

One Piece [ACCEPT RECS LucciKaku SanjiZoro ZoroKaku]

Ouran High School Host Club [ACCEPT RECS HikaruKaoruKyouyaHaruhi]

Pet Shop of Horrors [ACCEPT RECS CountD all]

Prince of Tennis [RECS TezukaFujiRyoma ShishidoOhtori] [ACCEPT RECS OishiEiji NiouYagyuu]

Rurouni Kenshin [ACCEPT RECS KenshinKaoru all]

Saiyuki [ACCEPT RECS all]

Shaman King [ACCEPT RECS RenYoh YohHao FaustEliza]

Soul Eater [ACCEPT RECS KidPattiLiz SoulMaka]

Weiss Kreuz [ACCEPT RECS all]

Yami no Matsuei [ACCEPT RECS all]

Yu-Gi-Oh! [ACCEPT RECS YamiYugi KaibaYugi BakuraYami Mokuba]

Yu Yu Hakusho [ACCEPT RECS KuramaHiei Yukina Yuusuke]

Zombie Loan [ACCEPT RECS ShitoChika]



Artemis Fowl [ACCEPT RECS all]

Circle Universe [ACCEPT RECS all]

Discworld Series [ACCEPT RECS all | pref. VetinariVimes]

Good Omens [ACCEPT RECS AziraphaleCrowley]

Harry Potter Series [RECS HarryDraco] [ACCEPT RECS SIriusRemus AlbusScorpius Hermione Luna]

Honeydew Syndrome [ACCEPT RECS JoshMetis CharlesJay]

Howl’s Moving Castle [ACCEPT RECS HowlSophie]


TV Shows/Dramas/Bands

Arashi [ACCEPT RECS all]

Avatar: The Last Airbender [RECS Zuko] [ACCEPT RECS Toph Gaang Azula-group]

Digimon [ACCEPT RECS TaiMatt / TaichiYamato KenDavis / KenDaisuke Izzy]


Stargate Atlantis/SG-1 [ACCEPT RECS JackDaniel SheppardMcKay]

Supernatural [ACCEPT RECS SamDean]

Torchwood [ACCEPT RECS JackIanto]


Video Games

SMT: Digital Devil Saga

Final Fantasy VII [RECS SephirothZackCloudAeris] [ACCEPT RECS TsengRudeRenoElena VincentYuffie CidVincent]

Kingdom Hearts [RECS AxelRoxas] [ACCEPT RECS RikuSoraKairi SephirothRikuCloud Namine Organization XIII]

Shadow Hearts

Tales of the Abyss

Vagrant Story [ACCEPT RECS SydneyAshley]

*This is NOT a comprehensive list of every title I like in each section. It’s only a list of the main titles I follow for fanart, fanfics, and fanmixes in each section. There are about a million titles in each section that I like and didn't list because I'm not as heavily involved in their fandoms.




  1. Pairings are not in dominant order. They’re partially sorted by preference, in that if I seek out the pairing on purpose it will be higher, but the names themselves are not in any telling order. Either of the character(s) can be dominant or submissive or both. (Ex. IchigoIshida is my preference in Bleach fandom but it could be either Ichigo or Ishida in the dominant position of the relationship.) This goes for heterosexual pairings, although I usually write the male’s name first. (Ex. KenshinKaoru gets written with Kenshin's name first.) The same principle holds for multiple characters in a pairing: Any order, any or all of the characters. In other words, even if my preference in a pairing with multiple characters is two of the characters together, if I'm equally happy with the third character being there, I will put it in as a multiple character pairing. (Ex. HeeroDuoWufei is a preference by itself but so is any story with Wufei in the dominant position of the relationship or with HeeroDuo or with HeeroWufei or just Duo or just Wufei.)
  2.  If a pairing or character is not listed here, it doesn’t mean I hate it, it means that I don’t actively search it out.
  3. [RECS] means that I feel comfortable enough in the fandom to offer free recs to any who want them-- that includes making rec lists, which I would be happy to do, regardless of how well you know me. I will also gladly accept any recs given for this fandom. [ACCEPT RECS] means I'm looking for more recs in the fandom.


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